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Nectar is a citrus spiked sparkling water brand based in Chicago. Nectar is the perfect summery drink for beach parties or days by the pool. With the rise of popularity of hard seltzers, the market for these kinds of brands is extremely competitive. So the goal for this brand is to be as eye-catching as possible to a young adult audience. Each can’s color is signature to its flavor, tangerine, lime, and lemonade. I used very bright colors to grab attention and then create a lot of contrast with the black can. Nectar is on a black can to feel a little more premium. Most of Nectar’s competitors use silver cans, so the black can will feel more luxurious and could be the difference in what a customer buys at the point of purchase. To continue this idea, I went with a bold, tall, and condensed type for the logo to show the brand is trendy, modern and has powerful flavors.

Flamingo AD.jpg
Cabana Mockup.jpg
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