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Joliet Junior College Foundation

The Joliet Junior College Foundation is a committee of Joliet community members and Joliet Junior College (JJC) alumni aiming to give back to the students in need. Every year the foundation throws a gala and invites the members of the foundation. This is a series of collateral pieces for their 50th Anniversary. This year they were commending the fine arts department at Joliet Junior College. The inspiration for these designs came from portraying the immense creativity each program has at Joliet Junior College. Each student is piece of the puzzle that makes JJC so special. I wanted my collateral pieces to reflect that. I went with abstract geometric shapes that can be assorted in many ways to create different shapes and patterns. In Joliet Junior College beautiful purple color, it almost looks like a starry night sky. Purple also shows elegance and royalty, perfect for a gala. I wanted the typography to be clean and simple to let these graphics shine. Just like the Joliet Junior College foundation allows for the students to shine.

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