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Constellation Dentistry

Constellation Dentistry is a family practice dentist office. The idea behind this brand comes from the fear many people have, including myself of the dentist. Whether it's the whirring, loud power tools or the anticipation of bad news, lots of people are hesitant to schedule a dental appointment. According to the Cleveland Clinic, 36% Americans have fear and/or anxiety of dental treatment. So the challenge for this is to build a branding that makes going to the dentist as easy as possible, especially for children. I solve this by incorporating a major theme in everything. In the case of Constellation Dentistry, it's space. A space themed dentist office serves several purposes. Kids are just naturally gravitated towards space because of their curiosity of the unknown and with the fact many kids want to be astronauts when they grow up. A space themed dentist office would grab the attention of children, allow them to learn more about outer space, all while getting their dental cleaning. They could also associate the loud power tools to the sounds of spaceships, thus making them more comfortable with dental work. Additionally, below I have a scene of what A dentist room could look like. A common idea in most dentist offices is letting their patient view a (fake) bright blue sky on the ceiling. Maybe in this case it could be outer space, with stars and constellations.

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